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B.A.P to bring "Live on Earth 2014" concert tour to America, Europe and more


B.A.P is coming to a city near you!


Earlier today, TS Entertainment confirmed that they will be bringing B.A.P’s “Live on Earth 2014 - “Earth Needs You” concert tour to several cities across America, Europe, Australia and Asia. They are planning to hold at least 20 concerts and will be…

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The sweet relationship between an actress and her manager.

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I Will Follow you into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie

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Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, V and…



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Who is your favourite character in the heirs?



I feel like I understand Rachel really well. She’s very lonely and I sympathize with her a lot. She and YD are the only characters that have made me cry so far, but I’ve definitely shed more for her than for him. 

I think she’s been written the most consistently. (Not saying greatly written, but definitely her character through 14 episodes feels the most cohesive, whereas I look at CES and her character is unrecognizable to me at times).

There’s also the use of symbolism with her character that isn’t found with the other characters (the dolls & the mirrors). 

So yeah,… Young Do comes in second. >_> That might be a surprising statement, but I can say I still haven’t watched all of episode 12 because Rachel was only really at the end of it and he was so smitten with CES. I still don’t really appreciate why he likes Cha Eun Sang, the writing certainly didn’t sell it to me, and that flaw has kept me from shipping them. Now it is starting to make me groan every time YD pines over CES. This might be the worst ‘love’ triangle ever written. >_<

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About the Troublemaker’s performance at MAMA2013


First i was like: 


But then i was all:


Yes, Seungri can totally express my feels for that performance…

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what a stupid way to get rid of hiccups

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